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How It All Began

As it created new norms, habits, and lifestyles, the Covid-19 pandemic has been life-changing for many. One habit that has been incorporated into our lives is using hand sanitizers. Being someone that has suffered with eczema my entire life, I felt my skin condition slowly deteriorate due to the harsh formulations of sanitizers available in the commercial market. Not to mention their gooey and sticky textures, which were occasionally accompanied with awful smells. Our founder, Shirley, with sensitive skin herself, shared these views. This kickstarted the journey of creating a solution to answer our primary problem statement – increased hand dryness due to a more intense hand hygiene regimen.

What We Provide and What We Represent 

We refused to be just another ‘OEM Sanitizer’ that was available in the market. We seeked to differentiate ourselves through our personal experiences, while being relatable to consumers. After months of research, trials, and errors, we finally put together our own formulation. All this was done with functionality, sustainability, and quality kept in mind. With that, we seek to represent the majority of people that are suffering with dry and sensitive skin, while allowing them to have an enjoyable, and comfortable hygiene experience. 

Functional, Fashionable, and Sustainable

We strive to reinvent one’s hygiene experience by providing a hand hygiene solution that is effective, but at the same time combats harshness and dryness. Did you know that our products contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients? Not only are they natural and high-quality, but they are also accompanied by pure essential oils for its herbal benefits and beautiful scents. Most importantly, our formulation is lab-tested to kill 99.99% of germs instantly, plus it is KKM / NPRA approved!

With carrying sanitizers becoming a common practice in our daily lives, we want it to look seamless, and for it to blend in with our daily appearances. That’s what led to our final products looking chic, modern, and exclusive. Now, you can carry a safe, secure, and sleek glass bottle that matches all your daily outfits!

Aside from feeling good and looking good, we also strive to do good.  As a socially responsible business, we seek to play our part in product-sustainability by packaging out products in a reusable glass spray bottle. It is not only highly sustainable, but also 100% recyclable, safe, and reduces single use plastic!

Our Products

 We’ve formulated sanitizers of three scents, namely ‘Mekar’, ‘Embun’, and ‘Rimbun’, to resonate with our Malaysian roots. 

hand sanitizer, embun


Embun” which means “dew” in the Malay language — a scent inspired by the break of morning. Dew, where at that precise time of day, all is fresh, serene, and pure. Scented with Lavender and Bergamot Essential Oils.

hand sanitizer, mekar

Mekar” which means “bloom” in our local Malay language — a scent inspired by the duality of femininity. A gentle, graceful, yet independent and elegant. Scented with Rosewood and Rose Geranium Essential Oils.

hand sanitizer, rimbun

Rimbun'' which means “thick lush forest” in our local Malay language — a scent inspired by the forest. It embodies the depth of nature through calmness, peace and tranquility. Scented with Black Spruce, Firand Cedarwood.

Your Skin Deserves The Best

Are you someone that suffers with sensitive skin or eczema? or have you developed dry skin because of the constant use of harsh sanitizers? Well, let us be the solution to that problem. Come improve your hand hygiene experience with our hand sanitizers today! We’ll keep your hands both clean and moisturized.